How to use a disc plow on an ATV

If you are one of those budding own food growers and gardening enthusiasts, you have probably been reading up on what tools you could invest in to make your work easier and more efficient. In this article, we will cover the uses and benefits of using an ATV disc plow in preparing your plots.

Uses of the ATV disc plow

An ATV disc plow will help you to quickly prepare the soil that you will actually plant on. Preparing the soil will help ensure that your crops will grow and bear fruits and flowers optimally.

How exactly does an ATV disc plow prepare the soil for your crops?  An ATV disc plow is also called a cultivator for ATVs. First, it tills the soil before you put in the seeds. Second, it removes weeds or previous crop residues that might kill the budding seedling as they grow.

Benefits of the ATV disc plow

Now that we have established the importance of plowing the soil before the actual planting, let us understand why then must you choose the ATV disc plow for this job.  What are its benefits over the other tools that serve the same purpose?

First off, since it is an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), the ease of use is very high up the list of benefits.  You simply hop on and the machine does the heavy and dirty work for you.

Second, this type of plowing machine works best even for very hard to plow plots of land such as those with clay ground.  No more breaking your back!

Features to Look for in a Good ATV Disc Plow

Before you go out and buy the first ATV disc plow you get your hands on, let us first go over the features you need to look for in a good plowing machine.

First, consider the disc diameter.  The disc diameter will determine the efficiency of the plowing work.  A very small disc will not be able to cover a good plot size in a short time. A good disc size should be 350mm and above in diameter.

Second, the feature that works hand in hand with the disc diameter in delivering an efficient output is the disc cutting width.  If you have to work on a plot of land that is around an acre in size, you must look for a disc cutting width of at least 50 inches.

Third, check out the disc tooth. The disc tooth refers to the spikes that protrude out of each disc.  A good plowing tool should have at least 8 – 10 spikes each in the front and rear discs.

Fourth, don’t forget to check the versatility of the disc angling capacity of your ATV plow. Different types of soil require different working angles in order to accomplish the plowing job effectively. A good ATV plow must be able to adjust its disc angling in order to be a good investment.

Fifth, a good frame structure is a must.  You would want to purchase a machine that is made of heavy duty steel to ensure durability.  At the same time, you should also look for a compact size for ease of maneuvering inside the field, then subsequent storage in your shed.


Bear in mind that not all ATV disc plows are built the same.  We hope that this article was able to prepare you in choosing the right tool for your farm or garden.

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