Best ATV Rear Seat – 6 Passenger Seats Reviews

Rear ATV seat from Wes

An enormous storage space in which you can store two adult helmets is the primary feature of this Wes model. The space available is one of the biggest we have seen on passenger seats. The storage space is divided in two individual spaces, each big enough to fit large items.

Durability of the rear seat should not be an issue as it’s built from a tough plastic. The plastic is strong and can be left outside without worrying that the sun’s rays will discolor or damage it. 

Because of its large size it can be fitted on medium to large ATVs, on small ones you may encounter difficulties in installing it. Installation is not done using screws or bolts, only using straps to secure it to the ATV’s frame and it’s firm, no issue encountered with it. The advantage of using straps is that we can remove it with no effort at all, any time you want.

It requires a little of electrical wiring to hook the brake system to the rear seat’s brake light. But that can be done with ease if you read the well-documented manual and use the included wiring kit provided by Wes. On the back and the sides are located reflectors for extra safety while driving it on the public roads.

The passenger seat is comfortable, but it could’ve been even comfier if it included a bit more cushioning. It is pricier than what the competitors offer but the difference in price is just as Wes rear seat is better built and has a premium feeling about it.

Quadboss Weekender Trunk

The Weekender Trunk is a storage box and passenger seat that brings an extra level of versatility even to older ATVs. It is currently the biggest seat and storage system produced and sold by Quadboss.

Because of its universal fit, Quadboss can be installed on almost any existent ATV on the market. Installation is straightforward, and all it requires is to drill 4 holes in the truck of the ATV as instructed in the manual. Put the structure of the rear seat in place and screw tight the 4 u-bolts provided. 

They manufacture the storage box from a hard plastic, resistant to mild scratches and damage. While it’s not built from metal, it seems to be a durable storage box that will last. The interior storage space is split in two separate spaces and each of them opens from the back of the box. Each storage space is decent. The two internal spaces are separated by an exterior rack on which you can store a gas canister or other items that are size appropriate. The internal storage spaces are waterproof and can even withstand being completely immersed in water for a short period of time. 

Now, the passenger seat is quite comfortable but only suited for small to medium construction people. Kids and adolescents will not have any issues sitting in the seat. Quadboss covered the seat in a synthetic leather fabric, black. While it looks good, a different kind of fabric and color would have been more useful in the scorching summer days when the black synthetic fabric will get extremely hot. 

The major disadvantage of the Quadboss Weekender is the lack of securing the storage. Because of the way it’s built, you can not put a lock on it. Leaving the ATV in a crowded area unsupervised, most likely the equipment and items stored will get stolen.

Except for missing lock feature on the internal storage, this passenger seat and cargo combo box is great. Well built, excellent material quality.

Black Boar rear seat and storage box are the best-selling rear seat for ATVs on Amazon at this moment. The large number of clients recommending the Black Boar should tell you something about the popularity of this model.

It only can be bought with a black finish, and it looks really neat. The passenger seat is comfortable as the lounger is padded with a black leather like fabric, cushioned and offers great back support for rear passengers. You don’t have to worry about rain ruining the seat as the seat’s padding is weather-resistant and can be easily cleaned off with a sponge or even with a hose. 

The storage boxes, yeah, it has two large ones, are dust and water-resistant. You can fit over 7 cubic feet of stuff in them. If you fear somebody breaks in the storage box, relax, it comes with a key. This feature is really important and a big bonus as most storage boxes found do not have this.

Black Boar used metal for the critical parts of this model, everything metallic used in building this rear seat is made from rust-free stainless steel. If you want your rear passenger to feel like first-class, then this rear seat is what you need. Comfort is everything about this model, even the armrests are comfortable. 

Safety wise, you can connect the break lights of this lounger to the ones of the ATV and you’ll be visible while driving. Black Boar lounger is the proper way to transport people who accompany you on rides.

The Tek Arch Series is not a container storage design but instead is basically a bag storage. It’s composed of three bags and one rear seat. The storage bags are held down using straps. Because of this design, the items inside might not be completely protected against water. In case you flip the ATV in a puddle, all the water will get inside. So we don’t recommend putting electric power tools inside.

Tek made the exterior from a fabric called tarpaulin, which is waterproof. Replacing the fabric can be difficult as it can be hard to find it. The size of the bags varies, there is one extra-large bag in the back of the attachment and two large bags on the sides.

One disadvantage is that the bags are not insulated. Leaving the ATV in the sun will cause overheating the items stored inside.

The internal frame of the Tek Arch is made from steel tubes. It will not affect the integrity of the storage box in case you flip but is prone to puncture from a sharp object, like a twig. The tarpaulin is robust enough and can take most types of damage, but for that to happen, the impact must be distributed to the metal frame. 

Discussing about the passenger’s comfort is useless as this is not a proper rear passenger seat. The back support is inexistent to some variations of this model, only the bottom support existing. Overall, the Tek Arch does not seem to be a well built model, but the lower price makes it attractive for some cases. 

If you are only interested in space and plan on taking your dog with you on rides, it is more than enough. 

This Kolpin model takes the idea of comfort a bit further than most of the passenger seats for ATVs on sale. It can be customized with different addons to offer a higher degree of pleasure for rear passengers. 
One of those addons that you can buy separately is a foot pedestal for rear passengers. While it sounds basic and not important, the foot pedestal allows the rear passengers to rest their feet on it, easing the discomfort during rides.

Unlike other brands, Kolpin chose a synthetic fabric for the seat, that does not imitate leather. While the fake leather looks good, it can crack and tear under the direct influence of the sun. With this fabric, the only maintenance required is to hose it down from time to time. To maximize the ride comfort, it comes with generous arm-rests and a really good back support. While the seat is not big, it does offer adequate support. 

The storage space is also generous, with over 3.5 cubic feet of storing cargo. For example, two helmets fit without any issue in it. There is no point in worrying about dust/water as the inside space is waterproof and comes with changeable seals.

Installing it is simple, it’s a straightforward u-bolt installation. In case you have difficulties, the manual is pretty good, contains even images for each step.

Most of the time this Kolpin model can be purchased for around $180. For this price you get a strong UV resistant storage box and comfy passenger seat. We highly recommend this model.

Kolpin Matrix is the ideal solution for long trailing rides or even working on a farm. Is the only ATV storage solution that has insulated compartments. Because of the storage insulation you can keep food in it and it will remain warm. Imagine being out on the farm and taking some snacks with you. At any break you can just eat it. We can store even beverages inside, and they will remain cold. Great for those summer days when it’s scorching outside.

Kolpin Matrix contains 2 storages space on the sides and one big one in the back. The spaces are sizeable enough to store most daily objects, the maximum space is 2 cubic feet. We can maximize the usability because the storage spaces are fully removable. Swapping with another bag can be done easily using the built-in strap system. 

We can wash the exterior of Kolpin Matrix with a pressure washer, but not from up close. Around the two water bottle holders, the recommended way to wash it is with a garden hose.

While it does not appear to be comfortable as a passenger seat, it is for its generous padding. The seat is about 17 inches, more than enough for most people. 

If you plan on adventuring on trails, then this passenger seat is the right fit. Being able to pack food in it and keep it fresh is the biggest selling point of Kolpin Matrix. Don’t worry about the built quality as most of the products manufactured by Kolpin follow a high standard. 


Best ATV Passenger Seat Guide

Dealer showing the comfort of the best atv passenger seatATVs are incredibly versatile and flexible. The extended range of equipment you can attach to an ATV does it almost unbeatable as functionality. One of the most underrated equipment in the past was the rear seat. Nowadays, however you can find a wide range of passenger seats to choose from, the market grew to a point where you can have a comfortable passenger seat for a little over $100.

Determining which are the best ATV passenger seats should be done based on a set of criteria. As the comfort of the passenger is a criterion that should not miss in under situation, extra cushioning is one of the essential factors. The pleasure of riding an ATV will not be the same if the ride is harsh and uncomfortable.

What is an ATV Rear Seat?

ATV rear seats are one of the best ATV accessories that can be added. It is basically a rear trunk with a seat that is easily attached to the back of the ATV, allowing to take a passenger on rides. 

Guide for buying the best ATV Rear Seat

Buying one of the best ATV rear seats is simple, as long as there are some criteria to filter the variety of models and brands.

Waterproof Design 

The materials from which they produce the passenger seat must be waterproof. This is not a question of it will rain, but when. Imagine sitting on a seat that is soaked with water. The chilly water will get even to your underwear. 

The last thing you’ll want during trailing or excursion is to have all your stuff saturated up in rainwater. The belongings stored must be protected at all times. Having waterproof storage and seat will help you avoid that.

Durable Materials

The materials utilized in the construction of the rear seats must be extremely robust, durable, and strong enough to withstand the outdoor conditions. Rain, heat, dust, snow, it must withstand everything. Low-quality materials will not resist the tear and wear. 

Number of Storage Compartments

Before deciding on a specific model, you need to make a list of the most common items that you’ll need to be protected in the storage space. Be reasonable; things that can withstand outside conditions should not be on the list. Will all those items fit? 

Storage Capacity

The ATV rear seat you choose should come with a decent storage capacity. Try to avoid those that have tiny compartments and concentrate on those with a smaller number of compartments but with wider storage space inside. 

The outside of the rear seat can be soft or hard. Soft rear seats are made from synthetic fabrics and can be packed while the hard ones are made from metal and are as a box. Each of them comes with advantages and disadvantages. 

Passenger safety and comfort

In different shops, you’ll find passenger seats with little cushioning. Try to avoid those as it will cause an unpleasant ride for the back passenger. If you go over a rock, they’ll feel it. 

Regarding safety, there are on sale some passenger that comes with seat belts. While a seat belt may reduce the risks of the passenger falling while riding, we advise caution. Try to go a little slower than you usually go.

In the end, picking the right type of rear seat for your ATV could prove quite the test. You will easily find several good rear-seat models that can satisfy even the pickiest buyers. Make sure you remember all the aspects mentioned above, so your buying experience will be hassle-free and straightforward. 

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