What’s an Environmentally Conscious Auto Body Shop

If your car was in an accident, or you just want to give your whip a fresh, new look, you need to choose the right auto painting service to do the work for you. What’s more important these days is choosing a shop that uses eco-friendly painting techniques.

The current industry standard regarding automotive paints is that they contain around 85% solvents, of which include hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and even higher amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are toxic emissions.

Although solvent-based paints are suitable as a refinishing product, the newer, water-based paints (also known as waterborne) are not just as much better for the environment, they are actually much better overall.

Benefits of water-based paint for eco body shops

The most obvious benefit of water-based paints is that they require almost 90% fewer solvents, they contain absolutely no HAPs, and they have very low VOC content. This results in a safer paint application and also a higher-quality finish at no additional expense. Water-based paints are actually used by car manufacturers for quite some time now, so you don’t have to worry about the new paint not matching the old. In fact, it is actually easier to match colors using water-based paints because they don’t use solvents that much. Water-based paints are also more durable as they can expand and contract better when exposed to heat.

Because water-based paints do not use that much solvent, they dry much faster. This means that oven-baking a car painted using water-based paints will take 33% less energy and also releases 43% fewer VOCs into the air.

Besides using eco-friendly paint, a true eco-friendly auto body shop should go the extra mile. For instance, with receipts, forms, and other paperwork, the shop should go the paperless route. In addition, the shop should recycle as much of its waste as it can; this includes the tires, scrap metals, and even the car batteries.

Using Recycled Parts

If you brought in a car that has extensive body damage, so much that some panels and doors need to be replaced, it would cost thousands to order brand new parts from the manufacturer. An eco-friendly auto body shop would look for a similar make and model car in the junkyard and then use it as a donor car. These days, you can even find automotive parts online. Used car parts only cost a fraction of their price if bought a brand new, which makes using them even better.

If you ever find yourself in a fender-bender, and you want your car serviced by a true environmentally friendly shop, ask the manager these questions:

  • What kind of automotive paint do they use?
  • What do they do to their shop waste?
  • Do they use brand new replacement parts all the time?
  • Does the shop offer a lifetime guarantee on repairs rendered?

If the answers to your questions aren’t acceptable, then just turn around and look for another auto body shop that provides you with the right answers.

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