Modern Solutions For Winter Problems

You may be waiting for winter. You like the snow, the snowmen, and everything that comes along with it. Or you hate it and would do anything to avoid it. Either way, to quote the late Ned Stark, the winter is coming. But what do you do if you live in a state like North Dakota or Minnesota? You know you have to go the extra mile and get that snowplow out.

Although winter is not something new, the novelty lies in ways people found to make it easier or, I even dare to say, more pleasant. We live in a golden age when technology took over every aspect of our lives, so why not winter survival?

Taking care of common issues in winter

Here are a few issues you may confront in the winter and the modern options you have.

Frozen Windshield

Solution: Forget about the small plastic so-called ice shovel. That is an old solution. The new solution may not be rocket science, but it will definitely spare you of staying in the freezing cold shoveling ice from your windshield. That may take a while and is useless without a warm car. Imagine how much time you spend just trying to improve your windshield visibility. So, instead of scraping ice, you now have the possibility of spraying ice. All you have to do is to spray the solution on your frozen windshield, and the ice will be gone in a matter of minutes.

Frozen driveway

Solution: Nothing compares to getting stuck in your driveway, not being able to get to work in the morning because of ice. It happens, especially when the temperature varies and the snow melts, only to freeze over the night. You don’t need tons of salt. A flamethrower is also a terrible idea. All you need is calcium chloride. You can buy it in medium containers, and they are like small pellets. It works like a miracle. The ice disappears in a matter of minutes.

Massive snowfall

Solution: Forget about shoveling the snow. The snow shovel is a thing of the past. We can now push snow around with an ATV snowplow or an ATV snowblower. If you look into it, you will even be able to find snowblowers alone that can throw the snow 30 feet away. We do live in a technological era. Even getting rid of snow can be motorized. If big trucks can do it on the streets, why can’t you on your driveway, right? So, if you have an ATV lying around the house, a snowblower or a snowplow attachment can make your life considerably easier.

Looking like a bear when getting out of the house

Solution: The days when you had to leave the house looking like a marshmallow are over (the people from Colorado know what I am talking about). All those layers of clothes can make you uncomfortable. Also, getting undressed is a true ritual that can last…a lot. The modern solution is thermal clothing. Thanks to this fashion advancement, you can now go out looking like a normal person. They are thin, but they are insulated and will keep you warm enough. You don’t need 20 layers. You only need one.


As you can see, winter presents itself with enough issues to make your life a little more difficult than usual. Lucky for you (and me, and everyone), the modern days come with a lot of aces in their sleeves. Mother nature can be cruel, but we, as humans, have always been able to adapt. Cruel winter conditions make no exception.

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