Why Professional Car Window Tinting is the Way to Go

Window tints do two things for your car. They help reduce glare, block out heat from the sun, and also give you a bit of privacy. And, like almost everything else these days, you also have an option to DIY the window tinting. Even though DIY window tinting is much cheaper, it would be a better option for you to invest in a professionally installed window tint.

If you are unconvinced about professional window tinting, here are five good reasons you should change your mind!

Why choose a professional window tinting for your car

Local regulations

Super dark window tints may look cool, but law enforcement officers consider it a major safety concern when they make routine traffic stops; mainly because they could not see the occupant of the vehicle. In fact, many states and cities have set specific limits on how dark cars’ window tints can be. Although there are plenty of shops that will bend the law and still install darker tints, most of the reputable shops would like their customers to be on the right side of the law. You cannot get the same assurance from DIY kits.

Applying the tint can be tricky.

Unless you purchased one of those professional-grade window tinting kits (that are expensive), you find that the film in DIY kits is temperamental. Window tinting films are light and flimsy. One wrong move and you can poke a hole in the film, and a slight breeze can cause it to crinkle and cause creases and bubbles. Even more difficult is preventing dust and debris from getting underneath the film.

Professional window tinting services not only use high-grade tinting films, but they also have the skills and the tools to ensure that the installation is free from wrinkles, creases, air bubbles, or trapped debris.

Can you achieve the best car window tint at home?

It is almost impossible for you to apply window tint perfectly the first time you try it, so you have no choice other than to reapply it all over again. However, removing window tint is a lot more difficult than applying it; Use a heat gun to loosen up the adhesive and then scrape off the film bit by bit using a small razor blade. Professional tint installers know how to apply it right the first time around so you save time and money. If the tint installation somehow goes bad after two days or weeks, you can also bring your car back to the shop and have it fixed thanks to the shop warranty; you cannot do the same with DIY tinting kits.

Do you want to remove it later?

The reason most people turn to DIY window tints is that it’s cheaper than professional window tinting. However, the low-grade film and amateur installation usually mean poor performance and aesthetics. Professional window tinting not only uses top-quality tint films, but they also have skilled technicians. This means that the window tints can and will do the things they are supposed to do. Besides, professional window tinting isn’t as expensive as you thought; you’re looking at $120 for a sub-compact up to $380 for vans.

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